Operate according to the conditions of management systems and continuously advance our system,

Supply our products and services according to the terms of the clients in degree of quality required and on time,

By complying with environmental awareness, legal regulations and other requirements, continuously improve our products and processes and add new values to the business we perform in order to meet the needs and expectations of society,

Commit the using of all the opportunities in order to avoid environmental pollution, personnel injuries and health problems,

Ensure the participation of all personnel into our continuous improvement studies of compliance with the system conditions, reducing the costs and improving the product quality,

Continuously support our personnel in the direction of goals of the company and personal development with training and education,

Provide our services according to the legal provisions and our existing quality understanding also in the international platform,

Apply corporate and technologic innovations,

By maintaining the occupational safety and well being of employee, protect the environment we work in and utilize our resources as obeying the other requirements in the most efficient way.






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